Do you schedule a follow-up meeting after a Spec Review?

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It is quite common for a company to do a Specification Review, and then take the resulting estimates back to the business, and spend a long time getting other quotes or weighing up their options.

This often means it's hard to get information out of the client as they tend to go dark, and also makes it hard for you to adjust the offer to ensure they get what they really need.

For this reason, it's a good idea, at the end of the Spec Review, to schedule a follow-up meeting for a week or so later, right off the bat.

  1. Go through Spec Review document and answer any questions
  2. Talk about approval process at the company
  3. Who else needs to get on board?
  4. What do they need to see?
  5. Talk about budget
  6. Is the estimate acceptable?
  7. Do we just do the MVP?
  8. Do we need to find a cheaper way to give some of the value if they can’t afford the MVP?
  9. Talk about prepaid, resourcing and scheduling

Another benefit of this is just having the upcoming meeting can often prompt a decision to be made faster. You can do this meeting in person or over IM, as long as you share screens.

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