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Do you set up your mailbox in CRM?

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If you want to track appointments and emails in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM), you first need to set up your mailbox in the system.

Do the following:

  1. Browse to your Dynamics 365 Online URL | Advanced Settings | Settings | Email Configuration | Mailboxes | Browse for your mailbox:

crm open mailbox settings
Figure: You should see your mailbox. Click the link on Name and it will open up your mailbox settings

  1. Make sure the following options are set (they might differ a bit depending on your CRM configuration):

    • Allow to Use Credentials for Email Processing: No
    • User Name:
    • Server Profile: Microsoft Exchange Online
    • Incoming Mail: Server-Side Synchronization or Email Router
    • Outgoing Mail: Server-Side Synchronization or Email Router
    • Appointments, Contacts, and Tasks: Server-Side Synchronization
  2. Click Test & Enable Mailbox If successful, you will receive an email, if not, contact your nearest SysAdmin
  3. Click Save & Close!

setup mailbox crm
Figure: Setting up your mailbox in CRM

If you need more guidance on setting it up, you can find more on Microsoft documentation: Set incoming and outgoing email synchronization.

After this is done, you should install the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook.

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