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Display - Do you set your display picture using a good photographic image of yourself?

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In person conversations are much better than chats over the phone. Skype or Teams calls with video cams are great, but you won’t do that all the time for bandwidth and processing power reasons. The next best thing is to have a great professional picture of yourself.

  • Avoid using a built-in image
  • Ideally, have a photo that shows head and top of shoulders close up. Not too far away
  • Your face must not be obstructed with other objects or excessive head cover (e.g. ski mask)
  • Not blurred, pixelated, washed out or over-exposed image. You should be recognizable in your high quality picture
  • An actual photo of yourself. Not a cartoon, objects or family member(s)

Bad Skype profile image default
Bad profile image - using default image

Bad Skype profile image too far away
Bad profile image - picture taken from too far away

Good Skype profile image
Good profile image

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