Do you know how to set up your workspace for video?

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Many businesses have made the transition to working from home (WFH). It’s important to still be able to easily and clearly communicate with your colleagues and externals.

Without a spare room, it can be difficult to create a workable setup, however as you will see in the following examples, it is easy to create a clean and workable setup with a few smart tricks.

Tip #1: Use a room divider

room divider
Figure: Christian uses this divider to hide his background

Christian has used a folding room divider to hide his background and create something visually nice to look at.

It has the added effect of softening any background light, e.g. windows, lamps etc.

Tip #2: Off angle camera

Jason’s setup is another good example:

jason angle bed
Figure: Jason is in a bedroom, however, the angle shows little of the bed

In this setup, Jason is using a more ‘pro’ setup with a USB powered podcasting mic and an articulating arm. He is also using a high-quality webcam with a ring light.

Originally the shot was more head-on, which meant you could see the bed in full view, however by moving the webcam off to the side and using the blinds, we can get a more pleasant looking shot.

For remote video recordings and User Groups, this is an ideal setup.

Tip #3: Get awesome audio

One of the most frustrating aspects of remote calls is participants’ mixed audio quality. To minimize any issues, there are several different devices you can consider purchasing:

USB webcam with built-in mic array

logitech brio
Figure: Logitech Brio 4k webcam


  • Improves audio *and* video quality compared to the built-in webcam
  • ‘One-stop-solution’; easy to install and will work on both laptop and desktop systems

Podcast style microphone

rode podcaster
Figure: Rode USB Podcaster microphone


  • High-quality audio will be very useful if you plan to record videos. e.g. done videos
  • You look cool

Tip #4: Improve video with lighting

The best way to improve your video is not to buy a new fancy camera, but to improve your existing setup with great lighting.

ring light
Figure: Ring light for webcam/camera/smartphone


  • Drastically improves video quality
  • Adds professional spark to your presentation
  • This kit allows you to use a webcam or smartphone via Bluetooth
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