Do you share your improvements to products?

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Social Media is important for companies, and the employees. One of the things you can post is the improvements your products e.g. New features, bug fixes, upgrades etc.

Businesses should get their developers to do this, and then repost it.

Your followers may not know about the changes and the ones who are grateful are likely to retweet or like your post.


For the business:

  • Keeps your social media active
  • Shows transparency (especially important for open-source projects)
  • Shows you are actively improving your products
  • Gets eyes on your product

For the developer:

  • Keeps your social media active
  • Visibility - Shows you are a useful employee This is helpful for your current role and future roles
  • Shows you take ownership and pride in your work

The important things to include are

  • What changed
  • The problem it solves/value it adds
  • Tag/link the product
  • Link to the PBI e.g. GitHub Issue
  • Done Video or screenshots

Make sure to post it on a few channels to reach a wider audience.
E.g. Make an announcement GitHub Discussion then link to it from a tweet, LinkedIn post, etc.


share product improvements github discussion
Figure: Good Example - GitHub Discussion with the update + useful info

share product improvements tweet
Figure: Good Example - A tweet with a link to the GitHub Discussion

octopus upgrade
Figure: Good example - Announcing the upgrade with a short note of the new feature

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