SharePoint - Do you review usage?

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Usage analytics is quite important - it allows you to identify popular and unused pages or sites, but also helps measuring users' engagement.

There are 3 places to check for Usage reports in SharePoint:

  1. Page Usage

sharepoint page usage
Figure: Access page usage from any page by clicking "Analytics"

  1. Site Usage

Site owners can access global site usage reports:

sharepoint site usage
Figure: Access site level usage via "Settings" | "Site Usage"

  1. Tenant Usage

This is by far the most interesting and import report. You need special (tenant-level) permissions to access those usage reports

sharepoint tenant usage
Figure: Access tenant level usage via "Office 365 Admin Center" | "Reports" | "Usage" | "View More" (under SharePoint section)

Now enjoy the full power of SharePoint usage analytics !

sharepoint tenant usage home
Figure: Plenty of very useful reports in this dashboard

You will need SysAdmin help to get access to those reports.

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