Do you have a single focus number for each report when possible?

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Many reports are expanding on what could be expressed as a single number. When this is the case, make sure that number is clear and bold at the top right of the report.

Ideally this should be a single number, not a group of numbers. If there is more than one, make sure one is chosen as the main one and put the others in a less prominent colour, size, or position.

An even better option is to show this number as a KPI, which shows historical values for that number in the background, and potentially a target. this gives contextto whether the number you're seeing is a "good" or "bad".

outstanding invoices
Figure: Good Example - One number at the top right sums up the whole report in a single number

prepaid credit
Figure: Another good example

report single number 3
Figure: OK Example - This one showsthe number without the KPI... styill useful but not quite as good

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