Do you have a standard set of pull request workflows?

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Getting started with a new repository can be daunting, especially if you are new to the project. Having a standard set of pull request workflows can help you get started and make sure you are following the same process as everyone else on the team.

A few standard workflows helps developers see a consistent process across all repositories. This makes it easier for developers to get started with a new repository and makes it easier for developers to move between repositories as the feedback they get from each pull request is consistent.

Below are a few standard workflows that you can use in your repositories.

PR - t-shirt size the pr

This workflow uses the microsoft/PR-Metrics action to update each pull request with information that helps ensure engineers keep PRs to an appropriate size with appropriate test coverage, while informing reviewers of the expected time commitment for a thorough review of the code.

pr metrics
Figure: PR Metrics gives warnings with suggested actions

You can find the workflow at SSWConsulting/SSW.GitHub.Template/.github/workflows/pr-metrics.yml

PR - Manage Stale PRs

This workflow creates adds labels to pull requests as they age.

pr age labels
Figure: It's easy to see at a glance when PRs have been around for a while

The workflow will also ping the author of the pull request after around 36 hours and remind them about merge debt

pr merge debt reminder
Figure: A gentle reminder helps remind developers the next day that their pull request needs attention

You can find the workflow at SSWConsulting/SSW.GitHub.Template/.github/workflows/pr-manage-stale.yml

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