Do you know where to add style files for deployment?

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When a designer (or a developer) adds style (CSS) files to SharePoint - care must be taken regarding where the files are placed:

  • Some places are are not suitable because they are not good for deployment
  • Other places may have permission issues - designers can't access them
  • Some files are part of the site definition and should not be customized

So the rules are:

  1. Never modify out of the box SharePoint files in /Style Library/ - those files are part of the site definition, if you customize them they are hard to deploy
  2. Start with a clean, minimal masterpage
  3. Create and reference your own CSS files and put them under /Style Library/CSS/<client>/
  4. You may want to further divide your CSS paths according to the areas of the site that your CSS is designed for:

    E.g. /Style Library/CSS/SSW/Clients/layout.css

  5. Designers can modify the XSL file as well!

    put them under /Style Library/XSL Style Sheets/<client>/

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