Tabs - Do you add the right tabs when creating a new Teams conversation?

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When you're having a discussion about the Northwind ordering system that you're building, you need to see your backlog, and of course, it would be handy to see a OneNote diagram of the workflow. It might also be handy to see an Excel spreadsheet of the stakeholders and testers.

What separates Teams from other chat programs, such as Slack and Skype, is the ability to add Tabs to your conversations.

The number of tabs is really broad and starts with the standard Microsoft products such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. You can also create tabs using Trello, YouTube, Zendesk, and more. The usefulness of this feature cannot be understated – it is so handy to have all your work items in one place.

teams tab 1
Figure: There is a virtual smorgasbord of tabs to add the conversation – aggregating all your necessary work parts into one easy, accessible location

timepro tab
Figure: Beyond our posts, we have 4 tabs – our files, our Backlog, our CRM, and our invoicing system

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