Do you tell ChatGPT to ask you questions to get more context?

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Sometimes, ChatGPT may require more context or clarification to provide a helpful response. Encouraging the model to ask questions when it needs more information can improve the quality of its answers and prevent misunderstandings.

Here are some tips for prompting ChatGPT to ask for more context:

  • Invite ChatGPT to ask for clarification in the initial prompt if necessary
  • Emphasize that it's OK to ask questions if the model doesn't have enough information
  • Be prepared to provide additional details if ChatGPT requests them
  • Consider adding "On each prompt, let me know roughly how many questions are left", to gauge if you want to answer all questions
  • If you’re feeling lazy or short for time, you can even get it to only ask you multiple choice questions.

"Tell me what I should do with my money."

Figure: Bad example - The prompt is vague and lacks context

"Can you give me advice on managing my finances? Feel free to ask any questions you need (1 at a time) for more information."

Figure: Good example - The prompt invites ChatGPT to ask for clarification if needed

"Tell me how to renovate my house. Ask any questions you need for more information. Ask the questions in multiple choice form, one at a time, and let me know on each response how many questions are left"

Figure: Good example - using all the tips for a streamlined experience

By encouraging ChatGPT to request more context when necessary, you can ensure that the model generates more accurate and helpful responses tailored to your specific needs.

Ulysses Maclaren
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