Do you test your prompts, and then iterate on them?

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Testing and iterating on your prompts is essential for achieving better results with ChatGPT. By evaluating the responses you receive and refining your prompts accordingly, you can fine-tune your questions and requests to elicit more accurate and useful answers.

Here are some tips for testing and iterating on your prompts:

  • Analyze the responses you receive for relevance, accuracy, and completeness
  • Identify areas where the response could be improved and adjust your prompt accordingly
  • Experiment with different phrasings, keywords, or context to find the most effective prompt
  • Don't be afraid to try multiple iterations to achieve the desired outcome

"Tell me about the thing with the apple falling and the guy who discovered something important."

Figure: Bad example - You might start with a prompt like this, get sub-optimal output, and then...

"Can you explain the story of Isaac Newton and the falling apple, and how it led to his discovery of the law of universal gravitation?"

Figure: Good example - The prompt has been iterated to be more specific and clear

edit prompt
Figure: Click this button to edit any prompt you've already submitted

post edit prompt
Figure: You can still go back to look at previous versions of the prompt and response

By testing and iterating on your prompts, you can improve the quality of ChatGPT's responses and ensure that you receive the information or assistance you're seeking.

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