Do you know where to find the best .NET MAUI resources?

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The following is a list of resources for learning, staying up to date with, and using .NET MAUI.


Awesome .NET MAUI (evolution of Awesome Xamarin Forms) is a curated list on GitHub of a bunch of resources for .NET MAUI. This includes controls, effects, behaviors, tools, and more. It's a good 'one-stop-shop' for everything related to .NET MAUI.

Sands of MAUI are newsletter-style blogposts regularly published on Telerik's website. It's a great source to keep yourself up to date as they cover the latest news about .NET MAUI.


Gerald Versluis regularly posts great practical videos on .NET MAUI.

If you are new to the technology and want to know the basics, check out this 4-hour crash course by James Montemagno.

The best book for learning .NET MAUI is .NET MAUI in Action by Matt Goldman.


SSW hosts a MAUI Hack Day every year.


.NET MAUI has a thriving and passionate community and ecosystem. Many .NET MAUI developers have made awesome controls available either as open-source libraries, NuGet packages, or both. A lot of these can be found at the Awesome .NET MAUI GitHub page linked above. Additionally, a number of commercial options are available.

.NET MAUI Community Toolkit (evolution of Xamarin Community Toolkit): This is a community-driven set of controls, effects, behaviors, and extensions that make add a lot of functionality you are likely to reuse in your projects.

SyncFusion: SyncFusion provides a set of beautiful controls and templates for a range of use cases and scenarios. There is also a community license, which allows you to use it free for anything earning less than $1m a year.

Telerik: Telerik provides a range of controls focused on enterprise and business applications.

DevExpress: DevExpress provides a library of high-performant, enterprise-grad controls for mobile .NET MAUI applications. There is a free option for registered users.

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