Do you use the best PowerShell automation platform?

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PowerShell Universal is a platform to make websites, dashboards, and scripts using only PowerShell commands, without the need to have any web development knowledge, perfect for your SysAdmins.

PowerShell Universal is a platform built by Ironman Software that allows you to:

  1. Create webpages and dashboards with PowerShell commands;
  2. Orchestrate PowerShell script execution, together with auditing;
  3. Use its API to communicate with the scripts and dashboards.

For example, SSW uses PowerShell Universal Dashboards to automate repeating SysAdmin tasks and create a nice user interface to run them:

automated standard
Figure: Good Example - Dashboard to automate employee's leaving standard

Running commands directly in the PowerShell CLI without data, schedule or a nice UI is a thing of the past, and you should be using the capabilities of PowerShell Universal to keep your scripts well maintained.

running commands hand
Figure: Bad Example - Running commands by hand directly

You can read its full documentation at

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