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Title Bar - Do you put the current document/project name as the first word of your title bar?

Created on 27 Nov 2012 | Last updated by Rebecca Liu on 27 Nov 2012 02:36 AM (over 8 years ago)

Too many developers never change the Title Bar. The Title Bar should reflect the current document in the same way that Microsoft Word, Notepad, etc do.

Imagine if every email that Microsoft Outlook opened didn't change the title bar. When you were to open a few emails and then take a look in the Taskbar, they would all look the same.

Therefore change the Title Bar to have the current document/customer/job/project/product name that the user is working on. It should be in the format "Document - Program Name", i.e. 'Northwind - SSW Data Renovator'

Figure: Good Example - Application with a standard title bar caption

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