Tools - Do you know the best UI framework for React?

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The main contenders for the best UI framework for React are:




Ant Design


MaterialUI is a set of React Components that Implement the Google’s Material Design Guidelines. When it comes to predefined components especially UI, one important thing we need to find is how many UI widgets are available and whether these can be customized with configurations. Material-UI has all components that you need and it is very configurable with a predefined color palette. Material UI is one of the best Reactjs based UI frameworks that have the most refined implementation of Material Design.

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Figure: MaterialUI is a set of React components that implement Google's Material Design

Get started: react-material-ui-official-docs-example

React Bootstrap

Bootstrap is one of the most popular and widely used CSS frameworks. It is no surprise to have the duo of React and Bootstrap. React Bootstrap is a set of React components that implement the Bootstrap framework. React-Bootstrap currently targets Bootstrap v5.3.

Get started: react-bootstrap-ui-official-docs-example


Tailwind is a popular utility-first CSS framework that simplifies the process of building user interfaces. It provides a comprehensive set of pre-built utility classes that can be easily combined to create responsive and flexible designs. With Tailwind, developers can quickly style their components without writing custom CSS, resulting in faster development and easier maintenance.

Get started: tailwind-example

Ant Design

Ant Design React is dedicated to providing a good development experience for programmers. An enterprise-class UI design language and React-based implementation. Ant Design is a set of high-quality React components out of the box which is written in TypeScript . It supports a browser, server-side rendering, and Electron environments have many components and even a tutorial with Create React App

Get started: ant-design-example

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