Do you know your 2 migration options to show your Access reports on the web?

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The greatest advantage for Access Developers is that with Reporting Services your reports can become available on the web. If you have a heap of Access reports, what are the choices for getting them on the web?

  1. Keep the existing reports in Access and expose them on the web with SSW Access Reporter. This is the least amount of work, as SSW Access Reporter is a utility that delivers existing Access reports online with minimal re-coding. Download a free trial today and try it out for yourself.

Figure: Good Example - If you want to avoid migrating then SSW Access Reporter delivers your Access reports online so you can view them anywhere

  1. Import the reports into Reporting Services. Reporting Services has built-in support for importing and converting reports from Access. We have had plenty of success with it, but you will need to re-code things like conditional formatting and any code behind.

Figure: Good Example - Reporting Services has built-in support for importing your Access reports

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