Do you use a conversion code in your lead generation campaigns?

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A conversion pixel will help you understand if your ads are generating leads.

A conversion is an action you want the user to make while visiting your website.

This could be filling in a form, watching a video, or indeed making a purchase. To track if users are doing the action you want them to do, you should use a conversion code. This is a code (unique for every campaign you will do) that will check if every single user has performed the action directly on your website or via another one.

You may have heard about a tracking pixel too. ClickMeter explains the difference well:

  • The Tracking Pixel (not to be confused with Conversion Pixel) is an image of one pixel that you place on a webpage or in an email and let you track how many times the webpage has been viewed or the email opened. Check this SocialMediaExaminer blog post to find out how to install it with Google Tag Manager. If you need more help setting this up, check hotmart's blog for furthers instructions, including Facebook pixel.
  • The Conversion code is a piece (snippet) of code you place in the thank you page to track conversions. The Conversion Code can ALSO be a Conversion Pixel.
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