Do you show 'Bad' and 'Good' examples when giving instructions?

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The best way to emphasize your point is to show the pain first, and then the solution. Use "Bad example" and "Good example" with crosses and ticks, respectively, in captions.

This structure can be used with images, videos, pieces of code, or text in boxes. Just make sure to include the appropriate caption for each element.

Giving the bad example first will raise users' expectation...

Figure: Bad example - Kid not in his seat

Then showing the solution by giving a good example as the result, will make them feel released.

kid in airplane seat
Figure: Good example - Kid in his seat

Usually, further information on how to achive the good example is added after the examples. E.g. Add a heading "More information" with extra details.

You may also use "OK" examples for things that are acceptable but can be done better.

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