Do your page URL’s use dashes between words?

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The text of a URL should make sense and relate to the content of the relevant page. Apart from helping with Google Juice users frequently read URL's.

There are a few options for how you format the text of a URL. The following suggestions are in preference order:

  1. Dashes between words: **rules-to-better-website-layouts.aspx ** [RECOMMENDED] This option appears to be most common and Craig Bailey's  preferred way
  2. Capitalize each word (Title Case): RulesToBetterWebsiteLayouts.aspx
  3. Upper case for appropriate words: RulestoBetterWebsiteLayouts.aspx
  4. Underscores between words: rules_to_better_website_layouts.aspx
  5. Lower case for all words: rulestobetterwebsitelayouts.aspx

More info

You can install the IIS URL Rewrite Module for IIS7 you can make ugly URL's much more friendly.

friendly url rule 1710232021944
Figure: Rewrite both the HTML in the page and the incoming URL's to be friendly

The caveat here is that it will only work if the URL is in the clear on the page.

Note: This could only be done with certain links as others are postbacks as well.

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