Do you use Environment variables for environment-specific configurations?

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If your Power Apps solution has any environment-specific configuration items, then an Environment Variable in the Solution gives you a configurable input parameter. Environment variables avoid hardcoding configuration information and having to keep track of and change configuration data when importing a solution.

Some of the benefits of using environment variables are:

  • No need to manually edit configurable values in a production environment.
  • Configure one or more variables in one place and reference like a parameter across multiple solution components.
  • Enter different values while importing solutions to other environments.
  • Update values without a code change.
  • Granular level security managed by Common Data Service.
  • Unlimited number of variables (max solution size is 29 MB).
  • Service the definitions and the values independently or together.
  • Supported by Solution Packager and DevOps tools enable continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).
  • Support for localization.
  • Can be used to control feature flags and other application settings.

new environment variable
Figure: Environment variable make configuration information easy

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