Do you use .NET MAUI (was Xamarin)?

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Xamarin has evolved beyond simply being an abstraction of the platform native APIs for iOS, Android, and UWP. It is now the .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI).

Where previously you could write shared business logic in C# but needed to write your UI in either Xamarin.Android or Xamarin.iOS, now you can write cross-platform UI code in a single .NET MAUI project.

maui blazor mobile desktop web

Theoretically, it is possible to write your code only once and share 100% of the code you write across all target platforms - see Adam Cogan's blog post for a case study of achieving 96% code reuse.

xamarin platform bad
Figure: Bad example - Xamarin project targeting a single platform

It is possible to implement beautiful and complex UI designs in .NET MAUI, especially given the rich ecosystem of plugins and templates available (see rule: Do you know where to find the best Xamarin resources?). You can use drawing APIs like Microsoft.Maui.Graphics or the new .NET MAUI Community Toolkit.

single project good
Figure: Good example - Cross-platform .NET MAUI app targeting multiple platforms with a shared codebase

controls sample
Figure: .NET MAUI allows you to use C# and XAML to build your apps from a rich toolkit of more than 40 controls, layouts, and pages

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