Do you use the best Windows file storage solution?

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Windows has a built-in storage solution called Storage Spaces that allows you to group 3 or more storage drives to create a bigger pool; however, that technology, whilst useful, has some better third-party contenders like Drive Bender, which does the same thing better and faster.

With Drive Bender, you also have software RAID, disk grouping, and file duplication that you find in Storage Spaces, but with a better interface and faster transfer rates.

Drive Bender Pros

  1. Nice UI with lots of functionality
  2. Regular updates
  3. Heaps of configuration options
  4. Friendly (and fast!) customer support (Bonus: They are located in Sydney, Australia, just like SSW! 😃)
  5. Easy add and remove of drives to the pool
  6. Check your disk health automatically
  7. Get notifications on pool status

Drive Bender Cons

  1. Storage Spaces is "free" (built-in in Windows Server), Drive Bender is $54.95 for 3 machines (still cheap, forever)

Have a look at Drive Bender website for more info!

storage spaces
Figure: Bad example – Bad UI for Storage Spaces

drive bender
Figure: Good example – Nice UI for Drive Bender

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