Do you use Typescript?

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Typescript is the best choice when writing Angular and React applications. Angular is even written in Typescript itself! 

Video: Typescript in 100 Seconds

✅Advantages of Using TypeScript

  1. Type Safety

    • Error detection: - Identify and correct errors during the build phase, preventing runtime surprises.
    • Top-notch tooling - Utilize enhanced features like autocomplete, Intellisense, efficient code navigation, and linting.
    • Streamlined refactoring - Superior tooling simplifies refactoring compared to plain JavaScript.
    • Embrace the latest - Leverage the latest language innovations for cleaner, more concise code.
  2. Enhanced Code Expressivity

    • Syntax sugar - Improves code readability and intuitiveness.
    • Automatic imports - Streamline module integrations.
  3. Wider Browser Support

    • Multi-version targeting - Use a single TypeScript codebase across various JavaScript versions (e.g., ES5, ES6).
  4. Boosted Code Confidence and Maintainability

    • Minimized risk - Reduce the likelihood of bugs and bolster code reliability.
    • Time efficiency - Dedicate less time to unit tests with increased code trustworthiness.
    • Early bug detection - Identify and rectify issues early.
    • Clarity - Craft cleaner, more transparent code.

❌ Disadvantages of TypeScript

  1. Learning curve - Developers unfamiliar with statically typed languages might face an initial learning challenge.
  2. Compilation step - An additional step to compile TypeScript to JavaScript can sometimes be perceived as a minor inconvenience.
  3. Integration with some libraries - Not all JavaScript libraries come with TypeScript definitions by default.

🔍 Explore TypeScript further at the official TypeScript website.

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