What are the different images available?

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We have three types of VM images around the office.

  1. The master.vhd is for upgrading future VMs and sysprep VM's are built from the master.vhd The master.vhd is versioned (e.g. master_v8.vhd) to track which version it is, and to assist us in upgrading the master image.
  2. The sysprep.vhd is the one that we use to create a new SharePoint server When you run the sysprep.vhd it will create a new SharePoint server. Always make a copy of this to your own machine. The sysprep.vhd is versioned (e.g. sysprep_v8.vhd)
  3. You may find various other VM's created from sysprep.vhd and used for various projects or experiments These images are usually renamed but kept the original version number that it was created from. (e.g. sswsp_v8.vhd)
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