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Do you know when to create a group chat?

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If you intend to talk about someone in your chat, it's best to add that person to a group chat.

This approach is useful before starting a Teams call and you can simply say "I'll call you in 5 mins" in your group chat to let everyone in the group know that you need to chat with them.

Note that you shouldn't make the call if all of the participants have Teams status "In a call" or their status message suggests they shouldn't be disturbed.

group chat bad example
Figure: Bad example - Mentioning someone in a chat they are not participating

group chat good example
Figure: Good example - Initiating a group chat with everyone involved

Figure: Bad example - Not a good time to call Adam and William as they're both "in a call"

good status
Figure: Good example - It's a good time to call Bryden and Lachie as they're both available

Tip: When deciding whether to use a group chat, think of how you'd approach the same conversation in an email - if you'd cc someone in the email, then you should include them in the group chat.

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