Do you know where bottlenecks can happen?

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For modern applications, there are many layers and moving parts that need to seamlessly work together to deliver our application to the end user.

Figure: Bottlenecks can happen anywhere! Call out diagrammatically where you think the bottlenecks are happenning

The issues can be in:

SQL Server

  • Slow queries
  • Timeouts
  • Bad configuration
  • Bad query plans
  • Lack of resources
  • Locking

Business Logic

  • Inefficient code
  • Chatty code
  • Long running processes
  • Not making use of multicore processors

Front end

  • Too many requests to server a page
  • Page size
  • Large images
  • No Caching

Connection between SQL and Web

  • Lack of bandwidth
  • Too much chatter

Connection between Web and Internet

  • Poor uplink (e.g. 1mbps uploads)
  • Too many hops

Connection between Web and End users

  • Geographically too far (e.g. US servers, AU users)


  • Misconfiguration
  • Resource contention
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