If you have a team of developers who need to learn a new technology for a project, then SSW mentoring is the best way to get them up to speed and delivering working functionality.

Our mentoring program allows your team to work alongside a highly skilled SSW software architect to not just train your staff, but work with them as part of the team, to deliver your project outcomes.

Typically this SSW mentor will work closely with the team during the first sprint, helping them setup their project, architect their solution and write the first lines of code. You decide how long the mentor stays to assist and what level of assistance you require.


  • In addition to your team learning from an expert they also work on your project
  • Your team works with an expert software architect who will teach them the tricks you don't learn in books
  • An SSW mentor can work on your terms and can be on call when required by your team
  • The SSW mentor will help your team setup and architect your solution
  • Each SSW mentor is also a scrum master and can run your team as a scrum team


SSW mentoring is very flexible. You can choose a mentor from any technology including SharePoint, .NET, Web Services, SQL Server and Business intelligence.

Initially the mentor will work with your team for the first week or so of the project. After this they can reduce their time to one day per week, a few days per fortnight or whatever combination suits your team. During this time the mentor can answer questions of your team, solve challenges, audit code and even be the scrum master.

Australia Wide

We have consultants available in all Australian capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra.

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