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Organizations are extremely good at accumulating data. Mostly in the form of documents and records, this data is often haphazardly located across the organization, and poorly integrated into document processes.

SharePoint 2016 aims to improve the situation by storing all documents & records in a centralized system. They can store every version of a document, allow you to enforce information management policies, and improve efficiency by automating common business processes.


  • Customized skinning and branding
  • Content management for web content, records and documents
  • Improve the efficiency of your processes with powerful workflow, security and content policies
  • Version control
  • Organize & search your data & people
  • Increase your automation, and reduce your paperwork
  • Built on ASP.NET and SQL Server

SharePoint Themes

SSW is proud to have a team of designers highly experienced in the skinning of SharePoint. They can create SharePoint based PSD designs and transform them into nice looking SharePoint themes. With extensive experience and knowledge on coding, our designers will carefully hand code and test your custom theme across different browsers, checking compatibility and performance.

Know more on our SharePoint Themes & Skins page.

Additional Marketing Capabilities

  • SEO Functionality SSW can increase rankings and goal conversions
  • Web Forms for Marketers Easily collect information and register visitors
  • Web Calendaring Provide multiple views
  • Newsletter Tools Send newsletters, managing subscriptions and sign-ups directly and increase interaction
  • Web Forums Build community among shared interest areas, aligned with your site
  • Powerful Search Built-in search plus seamless integration with the leading search vendors
  • Blogs, Surveys, Ratings, Facebook Web 2.0 interactivity for social networking and community
  • eCommerce, Video streaming Personalise and complete the desired experience

Key Technologies

SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2016 is Microsoft's new enterprise platform for document management, records management, content management and workflow.

SharePoint 2016 improves organizational effectiveness by providing one unified suite of enterprise-scale applications. This satisfies diverse business-critical needs such as managing content and business processes, simplifying how people work together across boundaries and enabling better informed decision-making.

See the benefits of SharePoint 2016 over 2007.

Featured SharePoint Solutions

Figure: www.MicrosoftSharePoint.com was developed by SSW for Microsoft.

By making it easier to manage content and streamline processes, it helps organizations derive more value from their information assets and accelerates everyday business activities. SharePoint Server enables users to easily assemble and analyze critical business information from disparate systems, leading to better-informed decisions at all levels of the organization.

Worley Parsons
Figure: www.WorleyParsons.com was developed by SSW Sydney Web Design. With 30,000 employees, when it was released it held the title of the largest public website running on SharePoint!

What SharePoint features do our customers love?

  • Powerful content discoverability via full-text search
  • Rich workflow capabilities (e.g. approval & distribution processes)
  • Document Accessibility (over the web and via Office programs)
  • Information Management Policies (e.g. Document retention policies)
  • Compliance suitability (e.g. Email archiving)
  • Great for storing both structured and unstructured content. (e.g. meeting workspaces, ad-hoc lists, project workspaces, company portal)
  • Highly customizable and extensible.

SSW consultants are often called in to:

  • Architect centralized document storage systems
  • Convert cumbersome manual processes into efficient automated workflows
  • Migrate/upgrade from SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 to 2016
  • Create the paperless office!
  • Setup and train Developers to use SharePoint + TFS (with proven Agile/Scrum and ALM Strategies)

Why We Think We're Awesome at SharePoint

  • There are 2 types of SharePoint companies out there. The 1st type makes up the majority. They'll configure SharePoint, by turning the on and off buttons on features to make your business work like SharePoint. The 2nd type will customize the project and extend the SharePoint feature set to make SharePoint work the way your business works… We’re the 2nd type, and we're good at it
  • We have a mountain of experience, we've been working with SharePoint since it was first released in 2001
  • As part of our service, we can offer talented and creative designers, because we know that implementing a cutting edge design (with your Brand), can be the most important to your users
  • SSW can handle any SharePoint need and are unrivalled when it comes to Branding, WorkFlow, Document and Content Management, Business Intelligence and customization using .NET and Application Lifecycle Management Strategies
  • All of our developers are experts in .NET development, making us Australia's leading source of SharePoint developers
  • SharePoint is as easy to use as Microsoft Office but if you want to save time and increase efficiency, we can easily train your staff as part of the implementation process

Australia Wide

We have consultants available in all Australian capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra.

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