Fine tune your software with SSW software auditing services

A crisis will pinpoint the shortfalls of your current technologies. Why wait for down-time or poor sales to discover where your application could be improved?

The companies that we have done audits for range from developer utilities to major enterprise systems.

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How long does this normally take?

Client time commitment SSW time commitment
8 hours 16 hours
  • 4 hours x 2 meetings
  • 4 hours initial meeting with developer
  • 4 hours preparing
  • 4 hours meeting with Developer and Manager
  • 4 hours preparing from 2nd meeting

SSW Application Audit Services will help improve:

Architecture and Code Review

Architectural decisions have a great impact on the subsequent quality of software implementations. Is your system using the most appropriate technology? Is the system designed for future needs, not only for today's deadlines?

Commonly these are divided up into:

  • Front end Review
  • Backend Review (Web API)
  • ALM Review (F5 experience, Developer Portal, Branch Practices)

SSW implements strict standards on all code produced. Implementing strict coding standards means your code can be easily read, easily modified and easily tested. Our experts are experienced in Angular, React, Vue, C#, .NET Core Web API, Azure, Dynamics CRM, and SharePoint.

Note: We can help you remove ASP.NET Webforms, MVC and Windows Forms.

We will analyze your code and architecture and will help you bring everything into line with best practices and our exhaustive coding and clean architecture standards. Additionally, we measure your code with our award winning tool SSW Code Auditor. It's a great product, but it can only do so much - you still should get an expert to review your application.

An Architecture and Code Review can help by:

  • Discovering problems early; it's much easier and cheaper to fix issues early in the project
  • Improving performance, scalability and reliability
  • Reviewing necessary and unnecessary tests
  • Ensuring the application can be maintained and extended easily in the future
  • Making sure you use the right technology for the job

SSW tackles these problems head on in line with one of the principles of Scrum - courage. Design for change.

Contact us now to arrange an Architecture and Code Review.

Specification Review

Usually, a specification process is done with the client before beginning work on a project, just like you would never build a house without getting an architect to create a plan.

As you might appreciate, it is not realistic to understand the complexity of your system and give you a realistic estimate after a brief meeting. Our experience tells us we will need to spend a few days to obtain and document the requirements from your project’s stakeholders. This will help you turn your ideas into a more detailed roadmap.

The deliverables for the Specification Review depend upon how large the application is and the time we have spent on the review. You will receive the following:

Requirement Analysis

  • An architectural roadmap recommending technical solutions
  • A breakdown of the required software application into its core components, likely to include the approximate number of main features (e.g. forms, reports, etc.)
  • An integration plan
  • A deployment strategy
  • An MVP (minimum viable product) will be identified, as well as a wish list - requiring the client to set the priorities for the project through defining what is in and out of scope for the MVP
  • A detailed list of 'issues' associated with the existing system which impact future development and maintenance
  • Hardware and licensed software recommendations
  • Mock-ups if required

Summary Product Backlog

  • A list of product backlog items (PBIs) will be broken down based on the Requirements Analysis and the Architectural Design
  • These PBIs will then be estimated

Ballpark Estimates

  • The estimated number of sprints
  • Estimated cost of the project

The deliverables can be presented as either:

  • Option A: High level PowerPoint presentation
  • Option B: A word document, if required
  • Option C: A video presentation

You can find more info on these 3 types at Do you effectively present the outcomes at the "Specification Review Presentation"?

Team and Process Review

Is your team as effective and efficient as possible? Without proper team processes, your project will suffer and deadlines will be missed.

SSW experts have streamlined processes for hundreds of projects and know what it takes to bring a project back on track. We have developed a comprehensive set of rules for successful projects.

Our experienced Scrum Masters and Mentors can help your team define and prioritize their tasks and work effectively to well-defined goals. We're experts in Application Lifecycle Management and know how to make the most of TFS and Scrum to deliver projects on time and on budget.

A Team and Process Review can help by:

  • Discovering problems with your process
  • Improving specifications and how you define the requirements for your project
  • Ensuring you remain agile and adaptable to change
  • Guiding you on the best way to use TFS for maximum efficiency and traceability

Contact us now to arrange a Team and Process Review.

User Interface Review

Most users don't read manuals, so your software must be intuitive and consistent. Establishing consistency in your User Interface design is challenging. There are many standards available, but too often developers and application designers unknowingly choose a non-standard approach.

SSW UI improvements have overcome issues such as:

  • Many frustrated users
  • Very low adoption rate (which often leads to project failure)
  • Users that disparaged the software to new users (leading to a negative initial attitude)

SSW is great at improving old and cluttered UI's – to follow the UI standards for Web and Windows

PS: We also have done many Access Apps- take a look at how we fast-forwarded an old, barely usable Access application into an ultra-fast, consistent and modern user experience.

Contact us now to arrange a User Interface Review.

Google Search Engine Optimization

Your website is your point of presence on the Internet. It's great to have a good website but there is no point to this unless people can find it. The number 1 way to reach new clients is through search engines, in particular Google, which claims to be used by 70% of Internet users. SSW's SEO Consultants are the most experienced and know Google’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques backwards - see our Rules to Better Google Rankings. Search Engine Optimization requires a consistent and thorough approach to make sure all your website's pages are optimized.

Contact us now to arrange Search Engine Optimization for your website

Database Structure Review

Designing a database incorrectly means a real headache later on. Your database could be the bottleneck in your application, if it is not designed well it can slow the application right down.

Poor database structure gives:

  • Performance nightmares (e.g. Index problems)
  • Unnecessary Data redundancy (duplicate data stored in the database)
  • Loss of Data Integrity (e.g. missing transactions)
  • Difficulty in changing the database structure later on

We will review all your database objects to check for weaknesses, as well as common mistakes that developers make. Additionally, we measure up your database against our exhaustive SQL Server standards using our product SSW SQL Auditor.

Contact us now to arrange a Database Structure Review.

Performance Review

If you're finding that your software is reaching its limits of capacity, SSW can provide a performance review of your application to target specific areas for improvements.

You will:

  • Specify the load (e.g. number of simultaneous user requests) and
  • Set performance goals (e.g. <2 second average response time)

We will analyze your database query design, system architecture and code structure to provide you with a set of recommendations and specifications.

Contact us now to arrange a Performance Review.

Security Review

Whether it's because of industry requirement, or your peace of mind, SSW can provide a third party review of your application to target specific issues for improvements.

We look at:

  • Run penetration tests with SSL labs to check how exposed your servers are
  • Look for passwords in .config and code (SSW Code Auditor can help)
  • Authentication process of identifying who the user is
  • Authorization what the user can do within the application
  • Licensing to control the usage of the software
  • Validation of all inputs in the system (cross site scripting (XSS) and sql injection)
  • No in memory generation of SQL statements (and are they using a good ORM)
  • Encryption of passwords and any sensitive data
  • Software Licensing protection mechanisms (and a recommendation to a subscription model)
  • Methodologies and best practices to reduce your exposure to hostile attacks
  • Logging who is doing what and when (audit trails)

See Rules to Better Security and SSW TV videos on Security.

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