Video is flooding the online marketplace and is quickly becoming a marketing standard. To compete in this vast array of messages, your video should be something that stands out from the crowd. Something that is creative, original, engaging and gets across your company’s unique branding and company culture. Thanks to social media, attention spans are shrinking which means video is changing too.

At SSW, we work hard to create cutting edge videos that get just the right response from the viewer! See many of our videos at SSW TV and SSW YouTube channel.


  • More dynamic marketing
  • Great branding
  • Powerful online presence
  • More accessible information and education

What video do you want to make?

Product/Service Video

A video to demonstrate and/or advertise your product or service.

Training Video

A training/induction video to educate staff internally.

Content Marketing Video (Educational)

Educate viewers to build company/brand trust, respect, confidence and loyalty with Content Marketing video.

Live Events

A video of your conference, presentation and/or live event. Live streaming available.

Custom Video

Whatever you want, how you want it. We follow your lead!

Reusable Extras

Intros/Outros, Logo Stings, Digital On-Screen Graphic (DOG) etc.

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