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SSW Update - July 2001

Working with .NET

The Cutting Edge

What is it going to be like working in the Microsoft .NET environment?

Some people will be shocked at the extent of the change. This isn't just an upgrade between versions of the same product... Visual Studio.NET is a new platform, it is not a language.

SSW UpdateAn open platform is in - People will find that the .Net framework environment opens up some of the complexities hidden in Visual Basic 6, resulting in greater challenges but with new benefits.

Stricter rules are in - Visual Studio.NET is more serious, and difficult to compile than the Visual Basic 6 due to a tightening of some programming rules such as variable usage. Gone is the traditional variant declaration.

New web services are in - The .Net architecture’s most welcome and significant Internet development incorporates new web services that finally puts the flawed DCOM model to rest.

(Excerpts from pages 20-22 of "Systems Developer" June 2001)

Special Offer: The full 4 page article can be found in your FREE copy of the Systems Developer magazine. Systems Developer is a new monthly IT magazine written for Australia's software developers, published by Informa Publishing. You can receive the first edition free by filling out a form on the Systems Developer website.

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User group meeting

The Access/SQL Server/ASP.Net Users Group
Wednesday, July 18 2001, 5:45 pm

At this month's User Group meeting Adam Cogan will speak about how to "Maximise the benefits of XML in your N-tier applications". He will highlight and detail how and where XML can be utilised within data tiers, discuss the advantages of XML over DCOM and MTS/COM+. You’ll also be given a snapshot profile on how to:

  • Build stateless objects with XML via ADO
  • Design COM objects to use XML efficiently
  • Develop an N-tier solution that can use the Internet as its network
  • Build highly scalable distributed applications
  • Use Data Islands for "rich" browser development

Also, Mehmet Ozdemir will talk about real-life business use of Excel Pivot Tables and why you should chose them over other products like Access Reports, Cognos, Crystal, Forest and Trees etc.

The talk will cover creating Excel pivot tables, formatting, deploying and a few other issues associated with pivot tables.

Don't forget that as Microsoft have moved to new premises, so has the User Group. Need a Map?


CroissantSSW Tech Breakfast - Planning and Managing Your Smooth Migration from Access to SQL Server

When Access mdb's hit their limit of scalability, starts to become corrupted too often and is unable to handle the number of concurrent users required. In such circumstances you need to upsize to SQL Server. You will be taken through what is new in the Access 2002 Upsizing Wizard. Upsizing your application involves a lot more than merely running the Upsizing Wizard and we will focus on that... Monday July 25 Register here

Microsoft .NETSSW Now Offers
Dot Net Beta 2 Web Hosting

SSW is proud to announce the arrival of SSW Web Hosting solutions. This is the first of its kind in Australia. Our new server is situated on a large Internet pipeline which is located within the heart of Sydney.
Cameron Shaw, Business Development Manager of SSW says "Our service will offer fast, reliable, Dot Net Beta 2 hosting. We are able to offer strong support, second to none, due to our experience in developing Dot Net solutions."

SSW LookoutNew Version of
SSW LookOut for Outlook

SSW LookOut is a useful Outlook Add-In that allows you to tie Client information from your corporate database directly to your Outlook Inbox. This new release has numerous enhancements like the ability to automatically add the client ID from your corporate database as you receive each email.

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We are looking for someone keen to work on projects using ASP.Net and SQL Server 2000

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