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SSW Update - January 2002

Is your Spec in Bite-size Pieces?

The Cutting Edge

This month my wife and I had our first little baby - Eve Cogan. She only understands the basics so far, so this month we're back to the basics - Specifications.

The first problem with specs is that nobody writes them. Joel Spolsky says - "Writing specs is like flossing: everybody agrees that it's a good thing, but nobody does it", which is a pretty accurate metaphor.

The second problem is that when people do write them, they spend months, listing every Use Case, Business Rule and Process Flow Diagram. The danger is that the client spends lots of money, and sees no real progress, or the requirements change, and the process begins again and nothing ever happens. Sometimes it's like throwing money down the drain. More...

Cheers until next time,
SSW Database Services Manager and Microsoft Regional Director, Australia
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User Group Meeting

The Sydney .NET Users Group

This month we'll be reviewing the ins and outs of Extreme Programming.

Extreme Programming is NOT extreme - it is a discipline of software development based on values of simplicity, communication, feedback, and courage. It works by bringing the whole team together in the presence of simple practices, with enough feedback to enable the team to see where they are and to tune the practices to their unique situation.

In this session we are going to cover some of the practices of Extreme Programming such as Pair Programming and Test-First Development. While Adam Cogan and George Doubinski will be showing you how it works in the .NET environment, these principles work regardless of the development environment.

The next User Group meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th of January at 5:45 PM.

See You There! | Sorry I can't make it


CroissantSSW Tech Breakfast - Two this month

1. An Examination of (the .NET Northwind) can be considered the "Northwind" of ASP.NET applications. As the model for .NET Web apps, this session will step you through the important features IBuySpy promotes including:

  • Cross-browser support for Netscape and Internet Explorer
  • Clean code/html content separation using server controls
  • High performance catalogue pages that use output caching
  • 3-tier ADO.NET data access using Stored Procedures
  • Forms authentication
  • SOAP XML web services
  • An essential session for advanced ASP.NET developers.

Friday 18th January Register here

2. Rules to Better Code and Successful Projects

Managing a team of coders can be a tricky experience, especially as most coders like to do things their own way. We've compiled a list of rules that help make the development process as smooth as possible. These rules govern the creation of specifications and schedules, best methods for testing and fixing bugs and even the employees working conditions.

Thursday 24th January Register here

SSW Data PRO! 15.4 Released
SSW Data PRO! allows you to determine the changes that have been made in an Access database. It detects that the data structure needs revisions and performs the revisions automatically.

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