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Tech Breakfast

SSW Tech Breakfast
SSW Tech Breakfast
eXtreme Programming for .NET Developers - with guest presenter Dr Neil Roodyn

Using a hands on approach, this course takes you through some of advanced programming techniques introduced in the book. Let Neil take you on a fast-paced journey that will change your coding methods forever.

About Neil
Neil Roodyn (PhD) has worked with a variety of international companies including Synon, Updata, NASDAQ Europe, ComputaCenter, SLK, Object Training and Citect. He is the founder of Sydney's eXtreme Programming Activity Club (SyXPAC) and has been closely associated with leading edge technologies for the last 15 years. In the last 2 years Neil has lead the push to .NET, both through the implementation of several .NET projects and a range .NET training courses.

Friday 28th January.
8:00am - 11:00am at SSW
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SSW Tech Breakfast
Object-orientated architectural patterns for enterprise scale applications - presented by Tathan Oddie

In this session Tatham will discuss object orientated architectural patterns relating to enterprise scale applications. Focus will be given to Inversion of Control style programming and design patterns such as the provider model and other patterns common in enterprise applications. Object-orientated architecture allows scalable applications both in terms of functionality and programmability but only when used correctly.

Friday 25th February
8:00am - 11:00am at SSW
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Lumigent Log Explorer 
Database FAQ's and Links


How to disable caching for SQL Reporting services in Visual Studio.NET designer? - answered by Lei Xu.
Why can't I design my windows forms in VS.NET 2003? The Right Click context menu for designing my forms is gone. Why has this happened? - answered by David Klein.
When changing computers, how can I keep all my mail and newsgroups from my old computer? - answered by Daniel Hyles.

SSW Software Audit

Companies from across the globe have been taking advantage of SSW's Software Audit Services. The common message that is received from clients is that getting their software built in-house can sometimes lead to a failure to identify design flaws and architectural insufficiencies. They need an unbiased second opinion from a knowledgeable source that can make recommendations to improve the quality of their software. More on SSW software audits

The Cutting Edge

Happy New Year Developers!

The first problem with specs is that nobody writes them. Joel Spolsky says Leave Site "Writing specs is like flossing: everybody agrees that it's a good thing, but nobody does it". We know developers like writing code more than specs, but our developers don't code without a spec.

More on Rules to Successful Projects.
Cheers until next time, Adam
SSW Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director, Australia

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Sydney .NET User Group - The best place to learn .NET for free in Sydney

Sydney .NET User Group 19th January 2005

Can you see yourself! November 2004 User Group We have 3 great speakers this month! First up Edward Forgcs and Tatham Oddie will discuss dynamic loading of assemblies in .Net using reflection, and the various scenarios where this approach is best leveraged.

Using the dynamic load techniques discussed earlier, Edward Forgcs will demonstrate a simple framework for business applications to support add-in functionality, similar to that used by Microsoft Office. Making your own business applications extensible allows you to market different parts of an application individually, combine in-house only functionality with more generic code, and expose your object model to third party developers.

Tatham Oddie will present on the concepts behind Inversion of Control, an architectural pattern heavily dependant on dynamic loading of assemblies. Specifically, Tatham will discuss the provider model, which is currently experiencing rapid adoption, and provide a series of scenarios where similar IoC patterns could significantly benefit scalability and componentisation.

Andrew Coates will introduce some of the diagramming and testing components in the upcoming Visual Studio Team System. He will also discuss the new client callback concept in ASP.NET 2.0. In a client callback, a client script function sends an asynchronous request to an ASP.NET Web page. The Web page runs a modified version of its normal lifecycle the page is initiated and its controls and other members are created, and then a specially marked method is invoked. The method performs the processing you have coded and then returns a value to the browser that can be read by another client script function. Throughout this process, the page is live in the browser.

Wednesday 19th January. 6:00 pm at Microsoft, 1 Epping Road North Ryde
>See You There!! | Sorry I can't make it

SSW Tech Breakfast eXtreme Programming for .NET Developers

To coincide with the release of his new book (, Dr. Neil will be presenting this Tech Breakfast session on eXtreme .NET.

In his book, leading .NET and XP mentor Dr. Neil Roodyn covers planning, task definition, test-driven development, user interfaces, refactoring, spiking, pair programming, and much more. Dr Neil offers field-proven advice for everything from automating builds to integrating third-party libraries. He also incorporates valuable exercises and presents a start-to-finish case study that shows exactly how XP and Microsoft .NET interoperate throughout an entire development project.

Register online now or call (02) 9953 3000

SSW eXtreme Emails -Task Tracking Tool

SSW eXtreme Emails! Turn your Inbox into a task-tracking system with SSW eXtreme Emails! Dont let your Inbox get out of control. More than a bug tracking software for Outlook, SSW eXtreme Emails manage your email effectively. Allocate tasks, set priorities, assign due dates and get Progress Reports without re-entering any data and working in the familiar Microsoft Outlook environment. Written in .NET, this Outlook COM Add-In lets you take control of your email. More on SSW eXtreme Emails!

Left Quote Instead of building email into your bug-tracking system, why not build bug-tracking into your email client? That's what SSW eXtreme Emails does, bringing an agile bug-tracking system to users of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. Right Quote
- Mike Gunderloy , Developer Central Blog You are going to a site outside of SSW

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