SSW Mini Update: See Billy Hollis doing his Advanced Data Binding 2.0 Session. (Only 5 Seats Remaining in Sydney Tomorrow)
  Advanced Data Binding with Billy Hollis - Tuesday 28th Feb, 9am - 5pm

Billy Hollis

Would you like to go beyond "drag and drop" for forms-based applications? You can learn useful advanced techniques with real-world examples in this Black Belt session on Windows Forms. Topics include:

  • Lesser used Windows Forms Capabilities, such as transparency and "keep on top"
  • Basics of building Windows Forms controls
  • Making your controls work well with the IDE
  • Some advanced control-building tips
  • Extender providers for declarative programming
  • Basics of GDI+, and using it for owner-draw controls

Billy Hollis has authored and co-authored many books, including the first book ever published on Visual Basic .NET and many other .NET oriented books. He's a frequent speaker at industry events like TechEd, Professional Developer Conference (PDC), VSLive, VS Connections, Patters and Practices Summit, and many others.

Billy is a member of the Microsoft Regional Directors, a group of third party luminaries that Microsoft recognises as having the highest level of expertise in Microsoft technologies. Billy was selected as a Regional Director of the Year in 2001.

So come and join Billy & Adam Cogan as they discuss this Great Data Binding 2.0 Session. Plus:

  • Lunch with Billy & Adam
  • Bring your walking shoes - a leisurely pre and post lunch stroll
  • Q & A with Billy & Adam
  • $999 now only $699

Time is running out so call (02) 9953 3000

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