SSW Update - Do you send a "Test Please" email?

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Microsoft Gold Certified Partners are the elite Microsoft Business Partners who earn the highest customer endorsement. They have the knowledge, skills, and commitment to help implement technology solutions that match your exact business needs. SSW is now a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Tech Breakfast - July 2006

11 days to go

Build a .NET App with Microsoft Workflow
Friday 28th July 2006
8:00am - 11:00am

A practical session for the IT industry exposing attendees to the new Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation framework.

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Tech Breakfast - August 2006

39 days to go!

Rules to Successful Projects
Friday 25th August 2006
8:00am - 11:00am

What makes a good software development consultancy? What sets one company above another? What makes a project successful? Adam Cogan will look at each of these questions and give you the answers you are looking for!

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Your Very Own Tech Breakfast 

We can come 2 U

SSW Tech Breakfasts

In addition to the Technical Breakfasts we hold each month in our offices SSW can also hold a Tech Breakfast in your office to cater to your requirements, just as we recently did for Price Waterhouse Coopers.

To arrange your very own Tech Breakfast in your office with one of our expert developers or if you would like more information on some specials, simply contact 696e666f72407373772e636f6d2e6175 or phone (02) 9953 3000.


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G'Day Developers!

Do you send a "Test Please" email?

Testing is the most critical part. Test, test, test. Don't let client's push you on delivery if there has not been enough testing. The client quickly forgets that you met delivery demands if you have delivered without adequate testing.

All testing that you conduct should be done in a clean and safe environment. As such we always test items using Virtual PC (VPC)

While coding you should always use a lot of unit tests. Unfortunately unit tests only cover the business tiers and the UI layer is too fragile for unit testing and there is no industry standard 3rd party tool to do this.

Who should be testing your products? Your developers or dedicated product testers? For smaller jobs it's ok to use developers who are on the project, but for large jobs you should use dedicated testers. A few tips:

  • We keep a testing schedule because testing should be shared and developers don't love testing
  • We use a different tester each time, for that product, so we get a fresh pair of eyes - we do this by looking at the testing schedule
  • Randomly we have the boss check the testers. He gives a pass or fail on the job the tester did. If the tester doesn't do a good job he stays on the schedule and tests the end product
  • We mention the areas we specifically wanted tested

There are a number of different types of tests that you can perform; these are:

  • Unit Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

View a sample Test Please Report that we use for all development. This report gets automatically generated with our tool, SSW eXtreme Emails!

More on Rules to Successful Projects...

Cheers until next time,
SSW Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director, Australia

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Sydney .NET User Group - The best place to learn .NET for free in Sydney

2 days to go!

Sydney .NET User Group
Wednesday 21st June 2006
5:45pm - 9:00pm
Location: Microsoft, Sydney

With SQL Server 2005 Microsoft is contending for the VLDB (Very Large Database) space. Geoff Orr will review partitioned tables as a core part of this strategy and show you how to create then, use them and also how to keep active tables smaller.

Also in this session Adam Cogan and Paul Stovell will leverage the power of Windows Forms 2.0 data binding to create rich, responsive, easily maintained applications. They will demonstrate an approach to creating asynchronous business objects as asynchronously loading collections, as well as how to use the Windows Forms Error Provider to remove nasty validation code from your forms. No previous data binding knowledge is required.

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Employment Opportunities at SSW

Due to the tremendous growth that our business has experienced over the last few months, we are seeking enthusiastic people to join the SSW team.

Our Company is based in Neutral Bay which is one of the most elegant and scenic areas of Sydney. SSW is an Australian owned progressive consulting firm specialising in building, implementing and maintaining Microsoft .NET software applications.

We are currently looking for:

  • .NET (and OLAP) Developer
  • Marketing / Admin Assistant

Read more and Apply NOW...

Featured Product: SSW Exchange Reporter

Get the information you want from your Exchange Server with SSW Exchange Reporter

Is Microsoft Exchange Server an integral part of your organisation? If so, SSW Exchange Reporter provides the tools and reports you need to efficiently analyse your organisation's email usage. Exchange Reports range from who is sending the most emails to clients to who has the largest mailbox. The built in reports can be customised and extended because they are built with SQL Server Reporting Services. The SSW Extraction Windows Service runs on your Exchange Server to seamlessly extract your email messages and mail folder statistics. It is a very lightweight Windows Service and the reports are very fast because it uses the power of SQL Server.

More on SSW Exchange Reporter...