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G'day Developers!

Happy new year!

I hope you are all well rested and ready for a huge 2012. I know we are!

We're excited because:

  1. This year will see the release of the new version of Team Foundation Server and Hosted TFS which will allow many more businesses to use the full power of TFS without having to worry about supporting the system
  2. Window 8 will be released which will enable developers to develop apps that run on Desktops, Tablets and Phones from the one codebase
  3. SSW will be launching our mentoring program which adds an SSW mentor to a development team. The mentor works within the team setting up the project, architecting the solution, writing code, problem solving and training. You can find out more here.
  4. Lastly SSW TV is finally here. It has been created to help you be better at your job, so check it out at

Looking forward to a fantastic 2012!

Adam Cogan

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Featured Video: SSW Webinar – SQL Server


A chance to watch SSW’s last Webinar broadcasted live on the 6th of October

Are your users starting a report and going for a coffee or a smoke while they wait? Are your users constantly complaining about timeouts when using your application?

If you find yourself with a sluggish database, stop pulling your hair out! In this webinar SSW will show you the top 8 methods we use to reduce the time it takes to run queries from minutes or hours to seconds.

This webinar will provide the viewer with:

  1. Top 8 ways to improve the performance of your SQL Server Database
  2. How to prevent performance issues from occurring
  3. How to resolve these issues after it goes into production
  4. How write code that ensures your SQL server remains healthy
  5. Steps an administrator can take to return your SQL server to optimal health

Click here to see all the SSW Videos, Webinars and Podcasts

Featured Event: *NEW* SharePoint 101 for Business Webinar


21 February 2012

11.00am - 12.00pm
Cost: No Charge

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SharePoint 2010 is a very powerful collaboration tool and one of Microsoft's most popular business products. Many business people have heard about SharePoint but struggle to understand exactly how SharePoint can improve their business processes. Decision makers who are interested in using SharePoint, can find it hard to find the right information to help them make informed decisions.

A search on Google will provide a lot of technical information on SharePoint 2010, but this information can be difficult for a non IT person to understand. This webinar presents the features and business case to use SharePoint in terms that all business people can understand.

Webinar Objectives

This webinar will provide the attendee with:

  • A broad understanding of the SharePoint feature set
  • An in depth understanding of how key features of SharePoint can enhance business processes
  • An understanding of the costs, timelines, staff involvement and commitment a business will incur when implementing SharePoint
  • This webinar is presented in layman terms which staff in all departments can understand.

To read more, go to: SharePoint 101 for Business Webinar

*NEW* Windows Azure Webinar - What you need to know about moving your Apps


23 February 2012

11.00am - 12.00pm
Cost: No Charge

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More and more companies are moving their infrastructure to the cloud. Driven by the low costs in terms of hardware, bandwidth and the promised reduction in support staff to maintain the infrastructure. So is moving to the cloud the right decision for your business?

Join Solution Architect Eric Phan as he shows you the what, why and how of moving your apps to the cloud. There will be lots of time for live questions.

Webinar Objectives

This webinar will provide the attendee with:

  • An understanding of the benefits of moving your app to Windows Azure
  • The reasons why the cloud may not be a good decision for your business
  • An understanding of the steps required for converting your applications to Windows Azure
  • Ample time to ask questions from the presenter

3 Day Scrum Training - Intensive Developer Course


Starting in February 2012!

Intensive 3-day Professional Scrum Developer course
Cost: $2995 +GST PP
Brisbane, Melbourne, San Francisco, Beijing, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra
NEW Scrum Training Course

Professional Scrum Developer courses teach students how to work in a team, using modern software engineering practices, to develop an increment of potentially releasable functionality using a specific technology platform. Students learn to do so within the Scrum framework doing iterative incremental development.

Classes are exercise-driven, with students working in self-organizing teams to develop “done” increments from Product Backlog items.

Course at a Glance

This 3-day Professional Scrum Developer .NET course is a mix of lecture, demonstration, group discussion, simulation, and hands-on software development. The bulk of the course will be spent working as a team on a case study application delivering increments of new functionality in mini-sprints. Here is the course at a glance:


Note: Scrum fundamentals are not covered in this 3-day course. If you are not experienced with Scrum fundamentals, the 5 day course is still available.

Scrum either through working on a Scrum Team or through taking part in a Professional Scrum Foundations course.

6 FEB 2012
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16 APR 2012
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14 FEB 2012
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24 APR 2012
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San Francisco
21 FEB 2012
Book Now Adelaide
1 MAY 2012
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20 MAR 2012
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8 MAY 2012
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Sydney .NET User Group -
The best place to learn .NET for free in Sydney

User Group

6 Days to go!

Sydney .NET User Group
Wednesday 18th Jan 2012
5:45pm - 9:00pm
SSW Head Office
Gateway Court, Suite 13
81-91 Military Road, Neutral Bay

Protecting your web apps from the tyranny of evil with OWASP

Speaker: Troy Hunt

We’ve all seen the news lately – big guys like Gawker and Sony falling heavily due to serious security vulnerabilities in their web application designs.

This session includes a brief intro to the risks web apps face and what OWASP is all about. There are then a few minutes on each of the OWASP Top 10 web application security risks in terms of both what the risk is (i.e. SQL injection allowing execution of unintended TSQL) and what the mitigation techniques are (i.e. input parsing, command parameterisation). The mitigations will specifically refer to facilities provided within ASP.NET.


Troy Hunt is a Software Architect and Microsoft MVP for Developer Security. Troy has spent the last 16 years building web applications and currently looks after architecture for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals’ Emerging Markets. He blogs regularly about security principles in software development at and is the author of the OWASP Top 10 for .NET developers series. Troy is also the creator of the recently released Automated Security Analyser for ASP.NET Websites at

To see more details and RSVP, please visit our Facebook .NET Group or our LinkedIn .NET Group.

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Sydney .Net User Group proudly sponsored by:

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Canberra .NET User Group -
The best place to learn .NET for free in Canberra

Relaunch of the Canberra .NET User Group in 2012

SSW is planning to relaunch the Canberra .NET User Group in 2012 and hopes to make this the best .NET User Group in the country but we can’t do it without your help.

If you live in Canberra and have previously attended our User Group or you might like to attend future sessions then please fill out our short online survey and let us know how we can improve this User Group.

We want to know where and when you would like the User Group to be held and what topics you want us to cover along with any other feedback you are wanting to give.

Fill out the quick survey now

We have already received many great responses to our survey. We will be relaunching the Canberra User Group soon so this is your chance to let us know what you want.

Juval Löwy -
The Architect's Master Class (5 day course)

Juval Lowy

2 months to go!

Juval Lowy's - The Architect's Master Class
Monday 12th - Friday 16th March 2012
9:00am - 6:00pm
Gateway Court Suite 10
81 - 91 Military Road
Neutral Bay, NSW
Cost: $2,600

The Architect's Master Class is a 5 days training, and is the ultimate resource for the professional architect. The class is conducted in the style of a Master Class, where a Master architect shares his experience and perspective, and interacts with the students.

The class has three parts, on process, technology & SOA, and the IDesign method for analysis and design. The class shows the architect how to take an active leadership role on all three aspects, as a continuum, since when executing a design, one cannot separate process from design from technology - all three have to work in concert. While the class shows how to design modern systems, it sets the focus on the 'why' and the rationale behind particular design decisions, often shedding light on poorly understood aspects.

You will see relevant design guidelines, best practices, and pitfalls, and the crucial process required of today's modern architects. Don't miss on this unique opportunity to learn and improve your architecture skills with IDesign, and share their passion for architecture and software engineering.

Welcome to SSW

SSW would like to welcome a new employee to the team this month:

Megan Megan Weeks
PA/Office Administrator

Starting the new year off with a new job, Megan is taking over the role of Adam's personal assistant. She has previously worked as a practice manager for a small veterinary clinic; this involved not only dealing with animals but with a large focus on customer service and problem solving.

She looks forward to the challenges of organising Adam's busy schedule as well as looking for new ways of doing things which improves life for everybody.

Featured Product: Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Building Quality Applications


Advertise with SSW

If you would like to advertise your product or service with SSW or would like to find out more about various advertising opportunities, please email your enquiry to or call: +61 2 9953 3000.

SSW Update

January 2012


SharePoint Developer

Are you looking to establish a career working with the latest software technology for a large range of great organisations? Do you enjoy managing your own clients in a fun, fast-paced and dynamic environment?
SSW has been the leading Microsoft technology company in Sydney for 21 years. We require an enthusiastic SharePoint developer to start ASAP.

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Senior Designer

SSW is looking for a highly talented front-end Web Designer who is passionate about creating great standards-based Web 2.0 sites. This role requires the understanding of how people behave in certain contexts and how various stimuli and circumstances can affect individual thought processes in social and professional situations.
You will be working with both creative designers and the development team in various challenging projects. This role requires someone who is able to communicate effectively with both disciplines together with creating aesthetically pleasing design prototypes, including graphic design, site navigation, and layout of content.

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