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The SSW Product range includes software to assist Microsoft developers and tools to increase the functionality of Microsoft products in a business environment.

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SSW Access Reporter

Access Reporter

Leverage your investment in Access reports. Delivering important Reports on the web can be expensive and time consuming, especially when you’re faced with the task of converting existing reports. Designed to keep Access open and available, SSW Access Reporter lets you deliver your existing, great-looking Microsoft Access reports online now! More on SSW Access Reporter


SSW Upsizing PRO!

Upsizing PRO!

Migrate from Access to SQL Server safely with SSW Upsizing PRO!. If your business is growing and you demand a scalable database solution, upsize from Access Jet to the robust SQL Server environment. SSW Upsizing PRO! prepares your Access database for the Microsoft Upsizing Wizard, preventing known errors, and ensuring a smooth migration.

Note: Upsizing PRO! is an Access 2000 version which also runs in Access 2002 and 2003 More on SSW Upsizing PRO!


SSW Performance PRO!

Essential for performance tuning your Access frontend or upsizing to SQL Server

SSW Performance PRO! isolates performance bottle-necks in your Access 97, 2000 or 2002 app. It checks every form, combo and list box, and reviews SQL statements. It reports exactly what to fix to improve the the speed of your application. SSW Performance PRO! is especially useful after you've upsized an application to SQL Server to pinpoint black spots in your app.

Note: SSW Performance PRO! is available for Access 97 and 2000. The Access 2000 version also runs in Access 2002 and 2003 More on SSW Performance PRO!

SSW Data Renovator

Compare and update Access database backends with SSW Data Renovator

If you’ve got client backend mdb files that are out of sync with the master version, let SSW Data Renovator generate difference reports for you to make the changes manually. Or step through the wizard and the data will be automatically moved into the new structure. Once in sync, use SSW Data PRO! to keep them that way.

Note: SSW Data Renovator is available for Access 97 and 2000. The Access 2000 version also runs in Access 2002 and 2003 More on SSW Data Renovator


Deploy new versions of your Access backend simply with SSW Data PRO!

SSW Data PRO! records every change made to your Access backend. When the new frontend is installed at the client site, the backend will automatically be upgraded with the changes you made. Never be out of sync again!

Note: SSW Data PRO! is available for Access 97, 2000 2002. The Access 2000 version also runs in Access 2002 and 2003 More on SSW Data PRO!

SSW Property and Event PRO!

Developed for the Access Developer wanting to do a global replace

SSW Property and Event PRO! allows you to set values for properties and events across your whole database with an easy-to-use interface. You can also apply conditions based on any property to alter the affect of your changes. Anything that you can do in Access application development, SSW Property and Event PRO! can do across your whole database.

Note: SSW Property and Event PRO! is available for Access 97 and 2000. The Access 2000 version also runs in Access 2002 and 2003 More on SSW Property and Event PRO!


SSW Aussie Postcodes

Aussie Postcodes

Plug SSW Aussie Postcodes into your customer database and never search for a postcode again. This Microsoft Access Utility was designed for Australian Access developers who wish to perform searches on Australian Postcodes in their applications. It provides an excellent lookup tool for your Suburb, State and Postcode controls. This tool runs in Access 97.

Version Control Wizard

Version Control Wizard

Developed for the Access Developer wanting to update the front end mdb automatically (via a merge)

This version has been tested for use with Access 97 on Win95 and Win98. It has been designed to allow you to control the version of the Front End database in a master copy. When each user opens their local copy they are updated to the current approved version automatically without any input by them. Their local copy is still available for them to create their own adhoc queries, reports, forms, etc, etc. There is no limit to what they do on the local copy. Their adhoc objects remain on their local copy and are never overwritten, thus the company database can be controlled while still allowing users the flexibility of doing their own thing.If the local copy becomes useless, for whatever reason, a fresh copy of the Company version is immediately available for be copied to their local drive.

The program also includes a test to see if your database is compiled (if not it attempts to compile it), tests the links to all attached tables (if unsuccessful opens the Common Dialog box for you to select the new file and location).