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  1. Task notes field should be shown and editable in Project Details View

    Project Server task notes field should be accessible via the Project Center view of a project. You should be able to see the entire contents of the task notes, and they should be editable.

    Project Server notes
    Figure: Can't view task notes via the Project Center views
  2. Not so nice UI

    I really think the experience is rough and bumpy... I have soooo much feedback to give, but not enough time. I think it would take me more than a couple of days if I was to complain about everything.

    Anyway this UI is one example... You just don't know what to do... It just works... but it is not the perfect timesheeting system.

     Lots of work needed on this
    Figure: Lots of work needed on this
    This is the originating UI
    Figure: This is the originating UI
  3. Help me see better information about my resources

    The Resources tab in PWA shows me my resources with very little control of the view. I would like to customize my view so I can see the records and the columns that I'm interested in.


    1. The Standard Rate column should be included in one of the 5 built in views
    2. The normal way to customize views should be there…. so if I want to add the Standard Rate column in the grid – please add a Library Tab
    Figure: I am given a limited number of views and no way to edit them
    Figure: I expect it to be like Sharepoint where I can define my own views. So in PWA, please add a Library tab (with the section in red) so I can add new columns and filter the resources


Adam Cogan
Tim Kremer