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Developer: Follow the instructions below to create TeamViewer remote support package

TeamViewer provides a simple solution to logon client's PC and make a remote support - what your client needs to do is just to download the application and send you his ID and Password. The following steps are what you need to do as a supporter.

  1. Input client's ID and click "Connect to partner" button.
    Figure: Connect to client
  2. Input client's Password and click "Log On" button.
    Figure: Log on
  3. Other supporting functionalities.
    • Communicate with client by chat.
      Figure: Chat
    • NOTE: If you are giving support to the client by messenger or by phone, keep on using the communication media you are using.
      Do NOT open TeamViewer Chat, as this might be confusing.
    • Transfer files to client.
      Figure: File transfer

Client: Follow the instructions below to start TeamViewer remote support session

  1. (if you don’t have TeamViewer installed, read on; otherwise, go to Step 2) TeamViewer is a remote access software that allow our consultant to connect and control your PC; you will monitor the whole process and the access and control will require your authorization. Please download TeamViewer here, if you need more information about TeamViewer, click here.
  2. Run TeamViewer and send ID and Password in "Wait for session" box to supporter. Then supporter can logon your PC.
    Figure: ID and Password
  3. Acknowledgements

    Jay Lin
    Lei Xu