This product is no longer supported.

SSW presents its first public web service using VS.NET. The Australian Postcode Web Service provides a quick and centralized method of checking that your suburb name and postcode details are correct.

  • HTML using the web form - EmployeeForm.htm
  • The ASP.NET form - PostcodeSearch.aspx
  • The Web Service - PostCodeService.asmx
    The .asmx file represents the addressable entry point for Web Services created with managed code. How you access this file through HTTP determines the type of response received.
  • The Web Service WSDL - PostCodeService.asmx?WSDL
    A .wsdl file is an XML document written in an XML grammar called Web Service description language (WSDL). This file defines how a Web Service behaves and instructs clients as to how to interact with the service.
  • The Web Service Source Code - (9k)
    This is the source code for SSW Australian Postcode Webservices. Remember to read the DeploymentReadMe.txt for deployment instructions.
  • The Winform Client Source Code - (16k)
    This is the source code for SSW Australian Postcode Consumer (Windows Form/ Rich Client).

SSW Reserves the right to remove the web service without prior warning, although we believe the data to be accurate to our database, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the data here. Parties interested in webservices that SSW can provide should contact SSW on 696e666f407373772e636f6d2e6175.

Getting Support

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