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SSW Update - September 2000

New Product - SSW SQL Script Wizard

User group meeting

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The Access/ASP/SQL Server User Group

Sponsored by Microsoft and SSW

Wednesday, September 20 2000, 5:45 pm

Are you an Access/SQL Server/ASP developer looking for hot tips, inside information and great contacts? Then come along to your User Group at the Microsoft Building at North Ryde!

This months User Group is right in the middle of the Olympic Games. Transport will be a little problem, but we are going ahead anyway....

This came up a while ago and David Hare-Scott thought it might be a good medium-level question for the User Group.

Q. Using Access how would you draw a bar chart plotting the value of one (or more) of the fields in each record of a continuous form? If you don't know the answer, it should come to you in a few minutes. If it still hasn't come to you don't worry David will go through the answer so you understand at the meeting.

What do I bring along? Just your self.... and a hot tip on any of these topics:
* Access
* VB
* HTML / Front Page
* SQL Server or
* Hot Sites

Tips to get there You can catch the following buses from Town Hall City: 288 - Express to Epping. 290 & 292 - Epping via Crows Nest. Ask your friendly bus driver to let you off near Microsoft. See the map at

New releases

SSW SQL Script Wizard

Need to run a SQL Server Script ( .sql file) without Query Analyzer? Useful for deployment to clients as you don't want them to open Query Analyzer and extremely useful for those with MSDE.

For more info and to order check out

Hot tips

1. Mailmerge from Access

If you are tired of typing letter after letter out to your clients when all their details are in your Access database, check out this SSW web page which shows you how to do a mail merge from Access. Lavishly illustrated with screenshots, it is a guide even a beginner can follow!

2. Execute two select statements as one in ADO

Your can execute two select statements as one. Using this feature you can then execute a SQL statement with multiple return recordsets using one recordset object. The following code shows you how to use two recordsets with one recordset object. To do this you have to use the NEXTRECORDSET method of the recordset Object.

dim cmd
dim conn
dim rst
dim strSql
dim strCustID

'---For this Demo, get CustID---
set conn= server.CreateObject("Adodb.connection")
set cmd = server.CreateObject("Adodb.command")

'---Set Connection---
with conn
.ConnectionString="Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Persist Security Info=False;User
ID=sa;Initial Catalog=Northwind;Data Source=ALPACA"
end with

'---2 select statements----
strSql="select * from Customers Where CustomerID " & strCustID
strSql= strSql & vbNewLine
strSql=strSql & "Select * from Orders Where CustomerID " & strCustID
with cmd
end with
set rst=cmd.Execute

'---first recordset---
do until rst.eof
Response.Write rst("companyname") &"<br>"

'---second recordset---
Response.Write "======Order Date======"
set rst=rst.nextRecordset
do until rst.eof
Response.Write rst("OrderDate") &"<br>
set rst=nothing
set cmd=nothing
set cmd=nothing set conn=nothing

Copy and Paste in Command Window

When working in a Command Window, you can use the mouse to highlight a block of text to copy once highlighted, pressing Enter will copy the text to the clipboard. To paste the text (or any text from the clipboard) back into the Command Window, click the right mouse button on the Command Window.

Got a hot tip you want to share? Tip

Employment at SSW

SSW is looking for an articulate Senior Database Developer focused on new technology and dedicated to getting the job done.

  • SQL Server
  • Stored Procedures
  • ASP
  • COM+

Attractive Salary will be negotiated. Call us 61 2 9953 3000 to arrange an interzview.

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