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SSW Update - February 2001

Develop Client-Server Applications with Access

Learn the best of Windows development, Down Under. VSLive! Sydney 5-8 March will cover cutting-edge techniques on VB, XML, SOAP, T-SQL, ADO, C++ and more. Plus one full day will give you the complete .NET briefing. Don't wait, register today!

User group meeting

The Access/SQL Server/ASP.Net Users Group
Wednesday, Feb 21 2001, 5:45 pm

Develop Client-Server Applications with Access

This month you'll learn the different methodologies for accessing SQL Server data through Access, including: linked-tables, local static tables, pass-through queries, bound and unbound forms, Access Data Projects (ADPs) and more. Adam Cogan will show you why you shouldn't use QueryDef.Parameters and a few other tips/warnings.

Don't forget we want you to bring your questions - write them down so you don't forget - We guarantee they will be answered.

Last month Adam presented the SQL Server naming conventions that SSW uses. They were quite popular and have been placed here for your convenience. Any feedback welcomed.

SSW's Standard for naming SQL Server Objects
SSW's Standard for naming Stored Procedures
SSW's Standard for formatting Stored Procedures
SSW's Standard for naming Indexes
SSW's Standard for Relationship naming


New Version SSW Time PRO! released

Flexible and powerful, Time PRO!'s push button approach to organising everything from invoicing and receipting, through to routine administrative tasks, will streamline every part of your business. Time PRO! is the easiest way to control your business.

Hot tips
  • Who comes first? The Technology or the User? I even wonder about Microsoft, they've built this great .Net technology which works great in Notepad, and now we're waiting for the Visual Studio interface. So they are going to shoehorn a user interface and experience onto the framework. This means that there is a good chance that the user experience will be a poor compromise. What great products are designed this way? Do tailors measure their clients after the suit has been sewn together? I'm sure Microsoft spend heaps of time and money discussing the specs among themselves, but I believe they should've put the interface/Images on the web, so experienced Users could voice their opinion and offer suggestions early in the product cycle. Instead we wait for the beta version's - if you offer a suggestion now there is no time for it to be implemented as the shipping deadline is too close. The only contribution we can make at this stage is finding bugs! - More - Adam Cogan
  • Is using ambigous DAO code giving you a headache? - David Klein
  • Is Microsoft Help giving you the heebie-geebies? - Ross Donald

Please let us know if you've got a hot tip to share?
For more hot tips check out SSW's Knowledge Base

Employment at SSW

We are looking for someone keen to work on projects using ASP.Net and SQL Server 2000

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