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SSW Update - March 2001

Using Object-Oriented Features in VS.NET


Your chance to learn cutting-edge, pragmatic solutions to your real-world
programming dilemmas awaits you at VSLive! Sydney 5-8 March. Don't miss
hearing from the industry's leading experts on topics including XML, SOAP,
T-SQL, Visual Studio.Net and many more. Register today!

User group meeting

The Access/SQL Server/ASP.Net Users Group
Wednesday, March 7 2001, 5:45 pm

Special Early Date - March 7 - KEN GETZ Speaking

Ken GetzAdam Cogan has asked Ken Getz - in Australia to speak at VS Live! and author of Access 2000 Developers Handbook, - is to present at this months User Group!

"Using Object-Oriented Features in VS.NET"

If you've never worked with classes, or even if you have, the .NET world is a different place to be. VB.NET fully supports inheritance, overloading, and other useful features.

This session starts at the beginning--create a simple class--and works its way through adding an inherited class, overloading
methods, and working with constructors. If all the object-oriented features are new to you, this is a great place to start.

He'll also talk on Access 10 and answer all your questions!

See You There! | Sorry I can't make it


New Version SSW SQL Script Wizard
SSW SQL Script Wizard allows you to automatically run .sql files (that you generated from SQL Server) on a PC without SQL Server. Very useful for deployment if your backend is SQL Server or MSDE.

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