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SSW Update - November 2001

The Cutting Edge

XML Web Services in Visual Studio .NET

Web Services provide a rich set of components that communicate using standard Internet protocols and will become key building blocks for the next generation of both Microsoft Windows- or Web-based applications.

What that means in English is that you can speed your development by not doing development. Instead you can plug in Web Services to your own application giving you instant functionality.

For my sessions at Microsoft Dev Days (by the way - we have a few free tickets to give away - keep reading...) I decided to write a postcode service for Australian developers to use. Really Australia Post should do it, but they will probably never get around to it.

Cheers until next time,

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User group meeting

The Sydney .NET Users Group

We have 12 free tickets to give away for Microsoft Dev Days in Australia. This is a first in first served offer - the first 12 people to 696e666f72407373772e636f6d2e6175 will receive one free ticket. Copy these bullet points or 696e666f72407373772e636f6d2e6175 to let us know the details:

  • Your preferred location
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your company name
  • Your address

The next User Group meeting will be held on Wednesday 21st of November at 5:45 PM.

At this month's meeting Adam Cogan will take you on a step by step tour of Visual Studio.NET's Web Services.

See You There! | Sorry I can't make it


.NET Web release for Fisheries Research and Development Corporation

The FRDC You are about to leave the SSW site plans, manages and funds millions of dollars worth of research into the Australian fisheries industry in conjunction with independent research bodies Australia wide. In previous years funding applications were managed using a Microsoft Access application that was distributed to over 100 sites around the country. SSW, in conjunction with Canberra based PDI Consulting You are about to leave the SSW site has designed, developed and deployed an ASP.NET and SQL Server 2000 application that streamlines the funding application process, integrating Microsoft's latest .NET Passport technologies.

Microsoft PassportWorking closely with the FRDC and PDI, SSW delivered the first commerical ASP.NET application to be deployed in Australia. Initially working in VS.NET Beta 1, SSW migrated the app to Beta 2 a month before deployment and the .NET platform has proven to be highly reliable.

The FRDC application also uses SSW's custom designed Access Reporter for IIS for delivering reports via the web in either Snapshot, HTML, Excel or RTF formats.

SSW has embraced VS.NET as a development environment. Adam Cogan says it feels like Microsoft "have moved from V6 to V100 in one go". Peter Ahn, SSW's lead developer for the FRDC app, said he felt "empowered" using VS.NET and would never look back to VS6.

CroissantSSW Tech Breakfast - Building Web Applications with Visual Studio.NET

Adam Cogan will show you how to transform and translate your development expertise to Web development. See how to bridge the .NET paradigm shift and discover how to leverage ASP .NET and Web Forms in your next-generation Web applications.

Friday 21st December Register here

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