SSW Update - March 2003
Do you avoid reviewing performance without metrics?
Sydney .NET User Group
THIS MONTH ONE WEEK LATE - Tuesday 25th March
Mobile computing has been a promise for ages. PDAs are a really convenient device for
many business uses. This session shows how .NET developers can use VS.NET and the .NET
Compact Framework to create real world applications. This demo will be using SQL Server
on a handheld device. Along the way Adam and David will highlight some of the features and
technologies that you need to be especially careful with and show how you can overcome
their limitations.

Adam will also present some new code generators to help you with your daily coding.

George Doubinski will be talking about using third-party controls and integrated tools in ASP.NET.

Tuesday 25th March 2003, 5:45 pm at Microsoft, 1 Epping Road.

SSW BIG Tech Breakfast Building Web Applications with ASP.NET - Friday 28th March
ASP.NET is a revolutionary new version of Microsoft's Active Server Pages. It provides a wealth of new features that make developers more productive and the applications they build faster, more reliable and scalable. There's a lot to learn about ASP.NET and this session is devoted to bringing you the latest and best information. You will walk away with code samples you can plug into your application. More

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XML Web Services Conference 2003
This conference will look at what you need to do to prepare your organisation for Web Services; what small steps are being taken towards what may have seemed, until recently, lofty goals; how simple and more complex Web Services are already being used in Australia; and what those implementing Web Services have done to achieve it. More
The Cutting Edge
If a client says "This is application is too slow, I don't really want to put up with such poor performance. Please fix." More

Cheers until next time, Adam
SSW Database Services Manager and Microsoft Regional Director, Australia
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Access Reporter For IISManage email with SSW LookOut! for Outlook

Email is a fundamental corporate communications tool used every day to manage staff, establish contracts and communicate with clients. Use SSW LookOut! to organise and manage your email and help ensure email is always an advantage to your business and not a liability! With tons of rules and auditing checks, SSW LookOut! also notifies the user whether emails are from people with their corporate Access or SQL Server database. More

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SSW Software Audit
A crisis will pinpoint the short falls of your current technologies. But why wait for down-time or poor sales to discover where your application could be improved? More
How do I best handle data in local tables if I used Access Data Project? - Sergei Tchernykh

In VB 6, I could set a breakpoint when the value of a variable changed, or reached a certain value. Where is this in VB.NET? - David Klein



AdeptSQL Diff
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