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SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access (SSMA Access)

This tool is Microsoft's new Upsizing Wizard, unfortunately it doesn’t work on databases more complicated than Northwind. Microsoft still try to force an Access database into SQL Server instead of providing a validation report (like SSW Upsizing PRO does) to fix the .mdb issues first

Here is an example where you will see that the database is not migrated to SQL Server – we hope Microsoft fix this soon Software Suggestions for MS Access

SSMA Access uses Wizard style interface.

Figure: The first screen on start-up

Figure: Create a new project and add an Access database

Figure: Select objects to migrate

Figure: A table will not be upsized if it does not meet prerequisites (no reason provided)

Figure: Strange inteface. It does not show SQL Server tables after upsizing

Figure: There are upsized tables in Test_Adam2 database. However, they are not shown in SQL Server 2005 database

Unfortunately this Microsoft utility is not ready. I guess I should be grateful that developers still need SSW Upsizing PRO!