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How to make a Custom Rule for a SQL Database

Here is an example for how to make a Custom Rule "Every table name must start with 'tbl'":

  1. Script out the database

    Figure: Generate script for the database to a script file

  2. Run Code Auditor and go to "Select Job" page

    Figure: Select 'a sample SQL Script project'

  3. Select files to scan

    Figure: Select files

  4. Adding a new rule

    Figure: Click Add button to create a new rule

    Figure: Enter new rule name

    Figure: Enter rule URL and note

    Figure: Enter File Filter and Search pattern (Regex)

  5. Rule Processing

    Figure: Click Start button to start Rule Processing

  6. Rule Result

    Figure: Rule Result Page - show you a summary of the rules that passed and failed

  7. Rule Report

    Figure: Rule Report - Show you the details of the rules that passed and failed

  8. More details and screen shots on Creating New Rule