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SSW Data Merge PRO! Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to merge a purchased client database into your corporate database.

When you install SSW Data Merge PRO!, two sample databases are included. They are \SampleData\MailingListPurchased2000.mdb and \SampleData\NorthwindData2000.mdb. The NorthwindData2000.mdb is exactly the same as Northwind.mdb included in MS Office, while the PurchasedMailingListPurchased2000.mdb database has 5 companies which are not existed in NorthwindData2000.mdb.

The data structure of these two databases are different. MailingListPurchased2000.mdb has a table named 'Client' with ClientID, CoName, etc, columns.  has a table named 'Customers' with CustomerID, CompanyName, etc columns. Our goal is to merge the 'Client' table into 'Customers' based on the duplicate criteria of 'CoName' in MailingListPurchased2000.mdb is same as 'CompanyName' in NorthwindData2000.mdb.

Let's begin.

STEP 1. Start SSW Data Merge PRO!

Click 'Next>'

STEP 2. Select a merge.

You can Add, Edit or Delete a predefined merge Or set up options.

Suppose you want to add a new Merge, click on 'Add'.

STEP 3. Add a merge.

Step 3.1. Configure Merge Databases

A default destination detail is set. (to change the default destination, click Options on 'Select a Merge' Form)

You can use UDL wizard to construct a connection string by click on the UDL icon.

Click Next>

Step 3.2. Configure Duplicate Criteria

Choose the Criteria for duplicates. Here we choose Company Name.

Click 'Next'

Step 3.3. Configure Field Mapping

Here you map all source field into destination field.

Click 'Show All' to list all the Source or Destination fields. To delete a row, click on the row header and press 'Delete' key.

Click 'Finish' to complete the merge setup.

Now, there is a new Merge Named 'PurchaseList' on the merge list.

Click 'Next>' to start merge processing.

Step 4. Merge Result Processing

Here is the result of Merge Processing. The result shows:

There are 34 records in total of the source database. 5 are possibly new (with 0 possible duplicate) and others are possibly existing (with 1 or more duplicates).

After Click on 'Add' on the record with ClientID 'SSW', that record's status changed from 'Unprocessed' to 'Added'.

To turn off the confirmation message box, uncheck the 'Show Confirmation' checkbox.

To change different views (UnProcessed, Added, NotAdded, Skipped), choose a different item in 'Current Filter'.

You can also change the number of records per process. The larger the number, the slower the process. The default is 20 records per process.

If you want to see details of the possible duplicates or make some change before adding the record to destination, use the 'Advanced Add'.

Step 5. Advanced Add

Here you can see the source and destination record side by side. You can make change on the source record before you add into destination. You can even make change on the destination record if you find some error on your corporate database!

These two forms are synchronized so you can navigate and view records withought open and close forms all the time.

If you experience any technical problem when using SSW Merge PRO! Please send us bug reports and feedback so that we can evolve SSW Merge PRO! into a product that matches your requirements.