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What is Rich-Client Development?

No! It doesn't mean all our clients are in Fortune's Top 500!

Rich-Client Development is the technology we've been using for the last 10 years. The interface (front-end) we use is normally Microsoft Visual Basic or Access.

In terms of deployment, installation must take place on every machine requiring the software. When you need a new version, once again, you must run the Configuration program on each machine.

The advantages of Rich-Client applications are faster development right from the start, with simpler implementation of changes.

Disadvantages are "dll hell", and the hassles of client-side installation.


SSW has developed a range of Rich-Client solutions for businesses across the industry spectrum, including:

  • Time-billing systems for services companies
  • Sales, purchases and product systems for manufacturing
  • Loan management databases
  • Marketing and contact management systems integrated with Exchange Server
  • Function management for Food & Beverage companies


SSW's proven Development Methodology covers Design and Development, Testing, and Support and Maintenance.

We work with the client each step of the way to ensure the project remains on track and within budget.


Focussing on Microsoft technologies allows SSW to attain the level of expertise required to build the best possible solutions for its clients.

We build solutions using Client/Server or 3-tier architecture using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with an Access 2000 or Visual Basic 6.0 interface. For clients with less scalable database requirements we also develop using Access for data storage (back-end.)

To solve your messaging requirements SSW can install and configure Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and our applications can be fully integrated with Microsoft Office to ensure your business has a streamlined solution.

For our clients Web Development requirements including site design, data-driven web-sites and intranet/extranet applications, we use ASP and Microsoft Visual Studio.NET.


SSW has experience building applications using these technologies for industries such as finance, manufacturing, construction, food services, IT and insurance.

SSW staff have run the monthly Microsoft Access/SQL Server/ASP Users Group in Sydney for the last 8 years, regularly giving presentations and offering hot tips on the most complex and latest technologies. Our close relationship with Microsoft ensures we remain on the forefront of the latest developments. SSW staff are also regulars on the conference circuit.